Updates 2019

The first 6 months of 2019 were very busy. Beside the daily projects we had some new challenges and achievements.

We were extremely happy to be asked to assist people in finding jobs.

We were invited to school graduations of the children from our educational program. We were extremely happy to see that 26 children are willing to continue with their education.

We were able to find permanent accommodation in a seniors home for one of our beneficiaries.

Below you will find out some information regarding our two new projects.

At the end of 2018 we received a big donations of almost 150 pairs of glasses for children and adults. Because of these donations we were able to establish a partnership with an optical store in the city. In exchange for used glasses frames, the optical store offers free new prescription glasses to our beneficiaries, especially to kids. So far, in 2019 we assisted 9 people with glasses.

At the beginning of June we started a new project for pregnant women because of a growing trend and need. Most pregnant women we work with have no education and don’t work. Therefore they have no medical insurance and can’t access certain services. We decided to pay for the first gynecological visit. After a gynecologists sees them and confirms the pregnancy, from that point on until they give birth and 6 weeks after they gave birth, all medical services are free. Also, because of their lifestyle and diet, many women need special vitamins. Our role is to prevent the loss of pregnancies and to make sure the babies are being born healthy and on term. So far we were able to assist 4 future mothers. Of course this is an ongoing project.

From January to June, we assisted:

  • 157 people in obtaining identity documents (IDs and Birth Certificates)
  • 362 people with medical needs (both prescriptions and treatments)
  • 25 babies in our ‘Milk Formula’ project (most babies get a box of formula every week)
  • 885 children with clothes and shoes (most of them received winter and summer clothes)