Humanitarian Aid Report 2018

As a non-profit organization determined to improve the quality of life of disadvantaged people, the humanitarian aid program is very important to us. We try, in the spirit of our values, non-discrimination, equality and respect, to help people and give to them clothing, shoes and food, according to their needs.

In terms of clothing, we recently decided to split the aid into two categories – children and adults. Children’s clothing is being given out only under a previously made appointment. In this regard, parents have to make an appointment and provide us with the number, sex and age of all children under their care. In this way, we have time to prepare each package and label it accordingly. At the same time, we thus have a clear view of all appointments and if need be, proof for those who are trying to take advantage of the program.

Adults clothing is sorted into boxes. Each box has a mix of women’s and men’s clothes, curtains or table/dish cloths. One box is given to a person to choose from and the person’s name is written down on a list. Mondays are the only days when we give out adults clothing and everybody who comes on Mondays can receive a box to choose from, once every three months. In this way, we try to aid everyone equally.

We find Mondays a bit challenging at times, in the sense that it takes a while for people to get used to our new policy. Some of them insist and insist and try to argue with us and we found that the only way to deal with this is to repeat, reinforce and explain over and over again the rules and policies with patience and kindness.

In terms of shoes, we give people shoes to try and see if they fit. Once again, every person who received shoes is written down on a list.

In terms of food products, all the children who attend the educational program regularly (there is an attendance list for this) receive a food package monthly. If they do not attend the program regularly (e.g. they attend 3 out of 4 meetings), they receive a slightly less consistent food package. The children’s food packages are also a way of encouraging the parents to send their children to the educational program. At the same time, every time children attend the educational program, at the end of the meeting they receive a meal (e.g. sandwiches, fruits, something to drink). For some of them, this is the first meal they eat on that day.

Occasionally we offer food products to people who have an acute need. At the same time, twice a year we offer food packages to all people, for Christmas and Easter.

Our beneficiaries are mostly from different areas of Tirgu-Mures (the majority are from Cold Valley) but there are some beneficiaries from several villages in the Mures County. Below are some numbers from the past period (May-June):

  • Children’s clothing appointments: 91 families (66 from Cold Valley, 10 from Baneasa Street, 8 from Dealului Street, 7 from other parts of Tirgu-Mures or other villages)
  • Children who received clothes through family appointments: 274 children
  • Number of people assisted on any given day: 10-20 people

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