Day camps

Just like we do every year, this summer we also organized a series of day camps. Through these day camps we want to create a different environment than what our beneficiaries are used to. We want to change the mentality of our children and teenagers for the better, to instill certain values and life principles. Therefore we organized a series of recreational activities like games, crafts, athletic competitions and others.

This year we had three weeks of summer day camps, with three days of camp each week. The first week was dedicated to group activities and fun. We organized games, sports and crafts for the whole group. In the second week we split them into three smaller groups – teenage boys, teenage girls and children under 10 y/a. We discussed hygiene and behaviors and organized specific activities for each group. For the last week we reunited the big group. In the beginning of the week we held a series of water balloon games and in the last day we celebrated the end of the school year with a small party and an award ceremony. All 48 children and teenagers received a diploma, sweets and toys.

A huge thank you goes to three volunteers!