Do you wish to be a volunteer? Please find below all the steps you have to follow in order to become a volunteer with our organization:

  1. Meet the requirements – to be volunteer you have to:
    • be at least 15 y/a;
    • have an exemplary behavior – all our volunteers must set a good example for our beneficiaries, both young and old;
    • be available at least 4 hours per week;
    • adhere to our values;
    • respect the confidentiality of our organization and our beneficiaries.
  2. Send us a quick email to inform us of your intention to become a volunteer. You can do that here.
  3. Together we will set up a meeting to better get to know one other.
  4. Attend an orientation and sign the volunteer contract.
  5. Start volunteering with enthusiasm and energy!

At the end of your volunteering stage you will receive a diploma and a recommendation. We are so looking forward to meeting you and start working together!