Medical report 2018

It’s been almost six years since the medical program is up and running and throughout the years we’ve experienced a gradual growth. There are patients who ask for medical consults daily. Some need their blood pressure, pulse or glycemia taken; others require different interventions or treatments.

Since the beginning of the year, the most noticeable illnesses/traumas were:

  • Infectious diseases – scabies, impetigo. Both diseases are highly contagious and require as treatments meds that we have to buy at the pharmacy.
  • Different viruses (e.g. flu virus) and pneumonia during winter – some children and even adults were badly affected and required special medical prescription and treatments (like meds, aerosols, injections administered by me).
  • Burns – some patients needed debridement, disinfecting and dressing the burns with antibiotic based bandages.
  • Trauma by cuts, falls and physical aggression; stitches removal after surgical interventions – these require daily medical assistance, sterile dressings and antibiotic treatments.
  • Dog bites, gangrenes and nail infections – these require daily surgical treatments administered by me

Apart from everything mentioned above, we had several cases of malnourished and extremely poor children who needed vitamins. In this regard, many children were helped.  Part of our medical assistance is to offer medical counseling regarding meds administration, pregnancy and personal hygiene.

In 2018, we helped an overall number of 322 patients from January until July, out of which:

  • Patients who required different treatments: 79
  • Children whose medical prescriptions were filled on our expanse: 92
  • Adults whose medical prescriptions were filled on our expanse: 122
  • People with no medical insurance who needed special treatment or even a medical insurance (i.e. initial cancer investigations, surgical interventions): 29 (a medical insurance costs 182 lei/month).

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